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Mobile Bicycle Services
in Berlin:


That's me:

RadAmbulanz (south western Berlin):

name: norbert winkelmann
mobile: 0162 80 10 122
(telegram, whatsapp)
landline: 030 966 10 110
(calling times: Mo-Fr 9-19 o'clock)

e-mail:this is no link - please type the adress manually!
web: RadAmbulanz.de

These are the others:

Like-your-Bike (north western Berlin):

name: Sven Seeger
mobile: 0159 0251 1048
e-mail: like-your-bike@web.de
web: like-your-bike.com

radsam (eastern Berlin):

...is on vacation until 2018/09/16!

name: Samuel Huber
mobile: 0177 43 14 792
e-mail: info@radsam.berlin
web: RadSam.berlin

OldGeorge (the far east of berlin and beyond):

name: Peter Krech
mobile: 0151 17 69 88 62
e-mail: fahrrad@oldgeorge.de
web: OldGeorge.de

DienstRad (all over Berlin):

name: Ullrich Christ
mobile: 0170 966 99 77
e-mail: schreib-an@dienstrad-berlin.de
web: dienstrad-berlin.de


Fall vacation 2018/09/15- 2018/11/04


My name is Norbert Winkelmann, I'm the one who can repair your bike wherever it's broken down - I'm riding with my cargo bike all over the south-western part of Berlin and I can fix most of the usual bike problems.
So it's no problem for me to fix flat tyres, torn brake cables, worn brake pads and problems with the light.
See the price list for a more detailed description of the jobs I can do.

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